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Tort din clatite cu dulceata de trandafiri / Rose comfit pancakes cake

In sfarsit este weekend. Azi a fost o zi frumoasa si linistita chiar daca de dimineata a fost foarte frig. Vremea m-a facut sa fiu nostalgica, sa imi doresc sa fie vara, sa simt parfum de flori si razele soarelui pe obraji. Dar pana la anul va trebui sa ma multumesc decat cu parfumul dulceturilor si cu putinele raze de soare ce mai strabat norii plumburii.

Azi mi-am dorit sa gatesc mai special datorita starii pe care o aveam. Am facut un tort din clatite cu dulceata de trandafiri.
– 5 oua
-3 linguri de zahar
– 500 g faina
-10 g praf de copt
– vanilie
– 1 l lapte
– 300 ml apa minerala
– 400 g dulceata de petale de trandafiri
Finally it’s weekend. Today it was a nice and calm day although in the morning it was extremely cold. Weather made me nostalgic, to want to have summer, to feel the flowers’ perfumes and the sun rays on my cheeks. But until next year I have to be content with what I can have: comfits’ perfumes and the few sun rays that pass through the gray clouds.
Today I wanted to cook something special because of my mood. I made a rose comfit pancakes cake.
– 5 eggs
– 3 tablespoons sugar
– 500 g flour
– 10 g baking powder
– vanilla
– 1 l milk
– 300 ml sparkling water
– 400 g rose comfit
Puneti ouale intr-un bol si le amestecati bine cu un tel.
Put the eggs into a bowl and mix well with a egg beater.
Adaugati 0.5 l  de lapte, zahar si vanilie si amestecati bine.
Add 0.5 l of milk, sugar and vanilla and mix well.
Adaugati faina si amestecati.
Add the flour and mix well.
Dupa ce toata faina a fost incorporata treptat se vor adauga restul de lapte si apa minerala, amestecand bine pentru a omogeniza.
After all the flour has been put in the composition, we will add gradually the rest of the milk and the sparkling water and we mix well to homogenize the composition.
Clatitele se vor coace intr-o tigaie teflonata. Din pacate nu am o poza cu toata aceasta operatiune din motive lesne de inteles. Ok, v-ati prins, imi trebuia inca un set de maini de care nu dispun :)) !
Pancakes will be baked into a non-stick pan. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture with this operation and I think you know the explanation. OK, you got it, I needed an extra pair of hands and I don’t have them :)) !
Se pune cate o clatita, se adauga dulceata, se intinde. Se pune urmatoarea peste aceasta si se face aceeasi operatiune. Vom continua pana cand terminam si vom obtine un tort.
We put a pancake, we add comfit, we spread it. We put the next pancake and we do the same operation. We will continue until we finish all the pancakes and we will obtain a nice cake.
Noi am preferat sa servim acest tort fara frisca sau alta crema pentru a putea pastra cat mai bine parfumul de trandafir. Daca va place sa puneti si altceva puteti incerca.
Am avut o idee minunata! Atat de simplu si totusi atat de parfumat si gustos!
We preferred to serve this cake without whipped cream or other filling because we wanted to keep as much as we could  rose’s perfume. If you like to add something you could try.
I had a wonderful idea! So simple and yet so perfumed and tasty!

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