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Supa crema de broccoli/ Broccoli cream soup

Zilele acestea nu am avut prea mult timp sa gatesc si nici sa scriu. A fost botezul nepotelului meu scump si apoi m-am pricopsit cu o gripa nesuferita care nu imi da pace nici acum.
Si cum gripa nu da semne ca vrea sa plece, m-am gandit sa o fortez un pic. Am pregatit o delicioasa supa crema de broccoli.
– 1 ceapa
– 4 buchete de broccoli
– 3 ardei kapia
– 1 pastarnac
– 1 morcov
– 200 ml suc de rosii
– 2 linguri ulei de masline
– cimbru
– sare

These days I didn’t had so much time to cook or to write. It was my sweet nephew’s baptize and after that I caught a flu which still bothers me.
And the flu doesn’t look like is gonna go away, so I thought it would be a good idea to force it a little bit. I prepared a delicious broccoli cream soup.
– 1 onion
– 4 pieces of broccoli
– 3 kapia pepper
– 1 parsnip
– 1 carrot
– 200 ml tomato juice
– 2 tablespoons of olive oil
– savory
– salt

Se spala si se curata legumele. Se taie in bucati nici prea mari, nici prea mici.
We wash the vegetables. We cut them in pieces, not too small, not too big.

Punem legumele la fiert intr-o oala. Se pune apa cat sa le acopere, adaugam sarea si cimbrul.
Cand legumele sunt aproape fierte, adaugam uleiul si sucul de rosii. Le mai lasam sa dea cateva clocote si tragem oala deoparte.
Cand supa devine calduta, punem in functiune blenderul si pasam legumele.Vom obtine o supa crema delicioasa.

We put the vegetables into a pot to boil them. We add water just to cover them, we add salt and savory.
When the vegetables are almost boiled, we’ll add the oil and tomato juice. We’ll let them boil just a little bit more and we take the pot aside.
When the soup becomes warm, we’ll take the blender and we smash the vegetables. We’ll obtain a delicious cream soup. 

Supa se poate servi cu iaurt sau smantana, crutoane sau paine sau chiar simpla.
Eu sper ca ma va ajuta sa scap de aceasta gripa!

The soup can be served with yogurt or  sour cream, crutones or bread or even simple. 

I hope that it will help me to get rid of this flu!

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