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Sos cu gogosari, kapia, rosii si busuioc/2 types of peppers, tomatoes and basil leaves preserved sauce

Saptamana ce tocmai a trecut am fost foarte bolnava. Am racit foarte tare si nu am fost in stare de mai nimic. De gatit nici nu s-a pus problema.
Totusi mi-am facut curaj dupa ce am inceput sa ma simt mai bine si am preparat un sos pentru iarna absolut minunat. M-am gandit ca poate vreti si voi sa preparati asa ceva.
Luati ceva de scris si notati de ce aveti nevoie.
– 2 kg rosii
– 1.5 kg gogosari
– 1.5 kg ardei kapia
– frunze de busuioc
– 2 linguri de sare
-cimbru uscat
Last week I was very sick. I caught a cold and I wasn’t able to do almost nothing. Cooking was not questioned.
But I took the plunge after I started feeling better and I prepared a preserved sauce for winter which is absolutely wonderful. I thought maybe you would like to prepare it.
Take a pen and note what you’ll need.
– 2 kg tomatoes
– 1.5 kg peppers
– 1.5 kg kapia peppers 
– basil leaves
– 2 tablespoons salt
-dried savory

Se spala rosiile si se curata de pielite. Ale mele erau tare coapte si s-au curatat usor. Bunica a avut niste rosii extraordinare anul asta.
Wash the tomatoes and peel the skin. Mine were very ripe and they cleaned easily. Grandma had some great tomatoes this year.

Apoi le-am taiat in felii si le-am pus in cuva robotului de bucatarie si le-am pasat. Nu am separat semintele pentru ca nu ma deranjeaza.
Piureul rezultat l-am pus intr-un vas mare, in care am si fiert sosul.
Then I cut them into slices and put them in food processor’s bowl and I mashed. I didn’t separate the seeds because they don’t bother me.
I put ​​mashed tomatoes in a large pot, in which I boiled the sauce.

Am repetat operatiunile de spalare/curatare/pasare si in cazul ardeilor de toate neamurile (a se intelege kapia si gogosari) dupa care sosul rezultat a fost si el pus in vasul in care aveam deja sosul de rosii.
I repeated the washing / cleaning / mashing operations for all kinds of peppers (to understand the ones from above) and then the resulting sauce was also put in the pot in which I had the tomatoes sauce.

Am pus apoi vasul cu sos la fiert, la foc mic. Se amesteca incet cam la 10 minute. Cand sosul incepe sa scada vom pune sarea si cimbrul uscat. Atentie-nu adaugati apa. Sosul va fierbe numai in suc propriu.
I  put the bowl with the sauce to boil at low heat. You will have to stir slowly at every 10 minutes. When the sauce begins to fall we put the salt and dried savory. Attention- do not add water. The sauce will boil only in it’s own juice.

Cu 10 minute inainte de a lua vasul cu sos de la fiert se pun frunzele de busuioc taiate marunt. Eu am fiert sosul cam o ora si jumatate in total; acest timp poate diferi un pic, in functie de cat suc au legumele folosite.
Sosul caldut se pune in borcanase spalate si uscate. Apoi acestea se invelesc in hartie si se pun intr-un vas mare. Dupa ce am aranjat toate borcanasele se adauga apa astfel incat sa fie acoperite.
Vasul se baga in cuptorul preincalzit. Borcanasele cu sos se vor steriliza timp de 50 de minute, timp cronometrat dupa ce apa ce le acopera a inceput sa fiarba.
Apoi se vor lasa sa se raceasca treptat pana a doua zi, preferabil in cuptor.
10 minutes before taking the pot with sauce out of the oven put the chopped basil leaves.
I cooked this sauce for about an hour and a half in total; this time can vary a bit depending on how much juice the vegetables that were used had.
Put the hot sauce in washed and dried jars. Then they will be wrapped in paper and placed in a large pot. After we have arranged all the little jars add water so that they are covered.
The pot will be put in the preheated oven. The jars with sauce will be sterilized for 50 minutes, measured after the water began to boil to cover.
Then leave them to cool gradually until the next day, preferably in the oven.

Acest sos il puteti folosi pentru multe tipuri de mancaruri. El se poate folosi si pentru a gati mancarea copilasilor, neavand un continut mare de sare.
This sauce can be used to cook many types of foods. It can be used to cook food for little children, not having a high salt content.

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