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Salata de vinete cu gogosari si ierburi aromatice la borcan/ Eggplants, bell peppers and aromatic herbs canned salad

Spre sfarsitul sezonului mi-a venit si mie ideea sa fac niste conserve. Desi la inceputul sezonului nu eram prea decisa sa fac, iata ca in final am reusit sa pun cateva borcanele cu salata.
Am sa va dau niste cantitati orientative :
– 3 kg vinete
– 1 kg gogosari
– 1/2 kg ceapa
– 250 ml ulei
– 3-4 linguri de sare pentru muraturi
– ierburi aromatice (eu am folosit ierburi de Provence)

Now, when the season for canning is almost over I wanted to to some salads and other stuff. At the beginning of the season I wasn’t so determined to do some canning but now I managed to make some jars with salad.
I will give you some quantities for orientation: 
– 3 kg eggplants
– 1 kg bell peppers
– 1/2 kg onions
– 250 ml oil
– 3-4 tablespoons of salt 

– aromatic herbs (I used some Provence herbs)

Gogosarii se spala si se curata de seminte.
Bell peppers are washed and the seeds are taken out.

Ceapa se curata, se spala si se taie. Se pune impreuna cu uleiul intr-un vas mare si se calesc pentru cateva minute.
The onions are being peeled off, washed and cut. After that is being put with the oil into a big recipient and tempered for few minutes.

Gogosarii se taie feliute.
Bell peppers are being cut in small slices.

Vinetele se coc in cuptor dupa care se curata si se toaca.
Eggplants will be baked in the oven, peeled off and finally, mashed.  

Gogosarii se vor cali impreuna cu ceapa.
Bell peppers will be tempered with the onion.

Cand compozitia va arata asa se vor adauga vinetele si ierburile de Provence dar si sarea. Fierbeti aceasta compozitie timp de 25-30 de minute.
When the composition looks like the one in this picture, add the eggplants, the Provence herbs and the salt.Boil them together for25-30 minutes.

Cand salata e gata va avea aspectul celei din fotografia de mai sus. Se pune calduta in borcane. Apoi se vor steriliza timp de 20 de minute in cuptor intr-o tava cu apa de cca 3-4 cm. Atentie! Sub borcane se va pune hartie sau un prosop de bucatarie din bumbac. Se vor scoate si se vor inveli pentru a pastra temperatura cat mai mult timp.
When the salad is ready it will have the aspect of the one in the photo. We will put the warm salad  in the jars. After that, the jars will be put in the oven and sterilized for 20 minutes. Jars will be put into a pan with 3-4 cm of water. Under the jars we have to put paper or a cotton napkin. When the jars are taken out of the oven they will be put somewhere where they can be covered to maintain the temperature as long as they can. 

Am facut treaba buna! Salata are un gust minunat ce imi aduce aminte de zilele de vara…
I did a good job! My salad has a great flavor that makes me remember the hot summer days…

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