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Rulada cu fructul pasiunii/Passion fruit roll

Pentru al treilea an la rand ma prezint cu niste propuneri pentru Sarbatorile de iarna. Anul acesta am intarziat putin cu reteta de inceput dar promit sa ma revansez.
Toate retetele propuse le veti gasi in pagina pe care am creat-o special-Targ de Sarbatori.
Am ales sa incep cu o reteta de rulada cu fructul pasiunii – unul dintre preferatele mele.
For the third year in a row I come with some proposals for the holidays. This year I started a little bit late with the recipes but I promise to make it up.
All proposed recipes will be found in the page that I created specially-Christmas Fair.
I chose to start with a recipe of roll with passion fruit – one of my favorites.

Rulada a supravietuit numai cat am facut fotografiile. Musafirii pe care i-am avut cand am facut aceasta rulada au fost tare incantati de ea, ba chiar au cerut si supliment 🙂
Nu am avut o sursa de inspiratie ci mai degraba m-am limitat la ingredientele pe care le aveam in frigider si propria experienta.
Iata ingredientele.
-7 oua
-7 lg zahar
-7 lg faina
-5 g praf de copt
-coaja rasa de lamaie sau portocala
-250 g mascarpone
-2 galbenusuri
-6 lg zahar pudra
-2 maracuja (fructul pasiunii)
-40 ml Grand Marnier
-50 g ciocolata alba fulgi
-400 ml smantana lichida
-2 fructe maracuja
-sucul provenit de la o portocala (pentru insiropare)
Roll survived only as I took pictures. Guests that I had when I made ​​the roll were very excited about it and even asked a supplement 🙂
I didn’t had an inspiration but I limited to the ingredients that I had in the fridge and my own experience.
Here are the ingredients.
-7 eggs
-7 sugar tablespoons
-7 flour tablespoons
-5 g baking powder
-lemon or orange zest
-250 g mascarpone
-2 yolks
-6 tablespoons powdered sugar 
-2 maracuja (passion fruits)
-40 ml Grand Marnier
-50 g white chocolate flakes
-400 ml heavy cream
-2 maracuja
-orange juice (from one orange, for syrup)

Am separat albusurile de galbenusuri. Albusurile le-am mixat la viteza mare pana am obtinut o spuma ferma dupa care am adaugat zaharul.Apoi am adaugat zaharul si am mixat in continuare pana am obtinut o spuma tare.
Am incorporat apoi pe rand galbenusurile, vanilia si praful de copt.
Compozitia obtinuta am turnat-o intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie de copt (am folosit tava cuptorului meu antic – deci dimensiune standard).
Am pus tava in cuptorul preincalzit si am fixat focul la minim (nu pot aproxima temperatura, cuptorul meu fiind…vintage). Blatul este copt dupa vreo 12 minute. Eu l-am incercat cu o scobitoare.
am scos tava din cuptor si am lasat blatul sa se raceasca aproximativ 5 minute.
I separated the egg yolks. I mixed egg whites at high speed until I got a firm foam then I added the sugar. Then I added sugar and continued mixing until I’ve got a hard foam.
I added gradually yolks, vanilla and baking powder.
Obtained composition was poured it into a baking tray covered with parchment paper (I used my ancient oven tray – so standard size).
I put the tray in the preheated oven and I set fire to a minimum (I don’t have an approximate temperature because my oven is … vintage). Spongecake is baked after about 12 minutes. I tried it with a toothpick.
I removed the tray from the oven and let the cake to cool about 5 minutes.

Apoi am rulat blatul cu ajutorul hartiei de copt pe care se afla. Astfel am dat forma de rulada inca de cand blatul este cald. L-am lasat apoi sa se raceasca deoarece crema pe care am folosit-onecesita ca acesta sa fie rece.
Then I rolled the spongecake with baking paper as it was. So I gave it the form of roll since it was hot. I then left to cool off because I used a cream that needed it to be cold.

Pentru crema am folosit doua galbenusuri pe care le-am mixat cu zaharul pudra pana am obtinut o spuma galben deschis.
For the cream I used two egg yolks that were mixed with powdered sugar until I got a yellow foam.

 Apoi am adaugat mascarpone si am mixat pentru a omogeniza.
Then I added mascarpone and mixed to ensure homogeneity.

Ciocolata alba am cumparat-o deja fulgi. Puteti folosi si ciocolata rasa de voi. Am incorporat ciocolata in crema cu ajutorul unei spatule deoarece am vrut sa ramana crocanta.
I bought white chocolate chips. You can also use grated chocolate if you want. We mixed chocolate with cream with a spatula because I wanted to stay crispy.

In final am adaugat miezul a doua fructe de maracuja (fructul pasiunii) si 40 ml de Grand Marnier pentru aroma. Crema este destul de fluida insa va fi absorbita in blat.
Am derulat hartia de copt si am scos blatul pe care l-am umplut cu crema. Am rulat cu atentie inapoi pentru a nu-l rupe, l-am insiropat cu sucul provenit de la o portocala si am invelit rulada rezultata in hartie de copt si folie alimentara. Rulada se tine la frigider cateva ore sau peste noapte.
Eu am ornat-o a doua zi cu frisca pe care am preparat-o din 400 ml de smantana lichida si vanilie. Deasupra modelelor realizate cu posul am pus miez de fructul pasiunii.
Finally we added the core of two fruits of Maracuja (passion fruit) and 40 ml Grand Marnier for flavor. The cream is quite fluid but will be absorbed into the dough.
I rolled out baking paper, I took the spongecake that I filled with cream. I rolled back carefully so as not to break it, I put some orange juice on it and I wrapped the resulting roll in  food plstic foil  and baking paper. Roll is kept in the refrigerator several hours or overnight.
I decorated the roll next day with whipped cream that I prepared of 400 ml of heavy cream and vanilla. The models were made ​​with decorating bag and I also put two passion fruits on top.

A fost delicioasa si foarte parfumata! Fructul pasiunii este preferatul meu desi il gasesc extrem de rar.
It was delicious and very fragrant! Passion fruit is my favorite although I find it extremely rare.

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