Carne de pui / Chicken

Pateu din ficat de pui / Chicken liver pâté

Azi a venit vremea sa va povestesc despre pateul de ficat de pui. Sunt un mare fan; nici nu imi aduc aminte de cand dateaza aceasta pasiune a mea dar pot sa marturisesc faptul ca nu rezist mai mult de o luna fara sa gust macar o felioara de paine graham cu pateu. Si care e cel mai bun pateu? Cel pe care il faci tu cu manutele tale, din ingrediente bine alese. 🙂
– 1 kg ficat de pui
– 200 g unt
– 1 ceapa
– 2 catei de usturoi
– piper
– sare
– cimbru
– boia iute
– optional: 50 ml lapte fierbinte

Today it’s time to tell you about the chicken liver pâté. I’m a big fan; I don’t even remember since when this passion of mine begun but I can confess that I can’t resist more than a month without tasting a little slice of graham bread with pâté. And which is the tastiest pâté? The one prepared with your own hands, with  well chosen ingredients. 🙂
– 1 kg chicken liver
– 200 g butter
– 1 onion
– 2 garlic cloves
– pepper
– salt
– hot paprika

– optional: 50 ml hot milk

Spalam ficatul si il curatam de pielite. Apoi se pune la fiert in apa cu sare.
Cand este fiert ficatul se scoate cu o paleta si se pune intr-un bol. Se lasa sa se racoreasca 5-10 minute.

The livers are washed and cleaned. Then they will be put with water and salt to boil.
 When they are boiled we will take them out with a skimmer and put them into a bowl. We let them cool off for 5-10 minutes.

Se curata ceapa si usturoiul si se taie bucatele. Se pun impreuna cu untul intr-o tigaie si se calesc pana cand devin aurii.

We peel off the onion and garlic cloves and we cut them in small slices. They will be put with butter into a pan; they will be tempered until they will have a goldish color. 

Continutul tigaii se pune peste ficatei in castron.

Pan’s content will be put over the livers in the bowl.

Se paseaza cu ajutorul unui blender. Daca vi se pare ca este prea tare sau inecacios puteti adauga putin lapte fierbinte. Apoi adaugati sare, piper, boia si cimbru. Amestecati bine.

Livers, onion and garlic will be mashed with a blender. If you consider that the pâté  is too thick or choking you can add  some hot milk. Then you’ll add salt, pepper, hot paprika and savory. Mix well.

Si e gata de servire! Daca vreti sa-l pastrati cateva zile puteti sa il puneti in borcanase. Inainte de a pune capacul topiti un pic de unt si puneti-l deasupra pateului pentru a-l acoperi. Astfel nu va oxida. Apoi puneti capacul si strangeti-l.

And it’s ready to be served! If you want to keep it for few days you can put it in small jars. Before you put the lids you should melt some butter and put it in the jar to cover the pâté. This way it won’t oxidate. After that you can put the lids and grip. 

Minunat! Sunt convinsa ca va va placea. 🙂
Daca preparati acest pateu pentru copii luati in considerare faptul ca micutii nu suporta prea bine usturoiul. Ar fi bine sa il eliminati daca stiti ca au probleme.

Wonderful! I’m sure that you’ll love it. 🙂

If you prepare this pâté for kids you should consider that little ones don’t tolerate to well the garlic. You might want to eliminate it if you know that they have problems.

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