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Jeleu de struguri/Grape jelly

Nu stiu altii cum or fi dar eu trebuie sa recunosc faptul ca toamna si iarna nu sunt anotimpurile mele preferate. Cum exceptii mai exista, iata ca si eu am cateva. Toamna o iubesc numai cand vine vorba de fructele si legumele de care avem parte si iarna pentru luminile si sarbatoarea Craciunului.
Anul acesta am pus in practica o idee mai veche pentru care nu a fost niciodata timp, chef – ce sa mai, timing.
Bunicii mei au in curte cateva tipuri de struguri. Preferatii mei sunt cei de culoare roz, denumiti capsunica sau ananas. Nu as putea sa spun exact de unde aceste denumiri sau distanta ca de la cer la pamant dintre capsunica si ananas. Pun totul pe seama folclorului sau gusturilor diferite ale oamenilor.
Una peste alta, a venit vremea sa prepar un jeleu de struguri roz.
I do not know about others but I have to admit that the fall and winter seasons aren’t my favorite. How exceptions exist, behold, I have a few. I love autumn only when it comes to fruits and vegetables that we have in this time of the year and winter when it comes to lights and Christmas holidays.
This year I put into practice an old idea for which it was never the time or mood – in a word, timing.
My grandparents have in their yard several types of grapes. My favorites are the pink ones called strawberries or pineapple type. I could not say exactly where those names come or to explain the distance from heaven to earth between strawberry and pineapple. Folklore I suspect or maybe people’s different tastes.
Altogether, it was the perfect time to prepare a pink grape jelly.

-3 kg struguri
-500 g zahar
-150 ml apa
-3 kg of grapes
-500 g crystal sugar
-150 ml water

Am spalat si am curatat strugurii de codite. Am pus boabele intr-un vas si am adaugat zaharul si apa dupa care l-am pus la foc. Boabele au fiert in aproximativ o ora si jumatate, la foc mic,pana am obtinut o pasta groasa.  I washed and cleaned the grapes of their stems. I put the grapes in a recipient and added sugar and water then put it on the stove. The grapes were cooked in about an hour and a half on low heat, until we got a thick paste.

 Am strecurat pasta printr-o strecuratoare, pasand usor cu lingura. Astfel s-au separat pielitele si semintele si s-au pastrat sucul si o parte din pulpa. Nu am folosit zahar cu pectina deoarece am considerat ca este suficienta cea din struguri.
Am obtinut cam 900 ml de jeleu pe care l-am pus in doua borcane iar o parte a ramas sa-l gustam. Borcanele le-am sterilizat intr-un vas pe fundul caruia am pus hartie timp de 20 de minute, dupa ce apa a inceput sa fiarba.
I slipped the thick paste through a strainer, passing easily with a spoon. Thus I separated husks and seeds and I preserved the juice and a part of the pulp. I didn’t used sugar with pectin because 
I thought that the pectin from grapes is in off.
I got about 900 ml of jelly that I put in two jars and some left to be tasted. I sterilized jars into a pot where we put paper on the bottom, for 20 minutes, after water began to boil.
Jeleul il puteti servi alaturi de diferite tipuri de branza, la prajituri sau pur si simplu cu unt si paine prajita.E foarte parfumat si usor astringent. 
You can serve the jelly with different types of cheeses, for cakes or just with toast and butter. It’s flavored and somewhat astringent.

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