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Gogosele cu prune / Plum pockets

Sunt din ce in ce mai trista ca zilele frumoase de vara s-au dus. Nu imi place frigul si nici ploaia, toamna si iarna ma fac sa simt ca traiesc intr-o amorteala asteptand sa vina vara si primavara.
Ca in fiecare an, singurele lucruri ce ma fac sa mai uit sunt culorile toamnei, mirosurile si gusturile pe care le aduce cu ea.
Toata lumea a facut pana acum cel putin o serie de gomboti cu prune/galuste cu prune. Ei bine, mie nu imi plac extraordinar de mult motiv pentru care am facut gogosele cu prune. Iata ce am folosit:
Ingrediente:– 1 ou
– 400 ml lapte rece
– 700 g faina
– 100 g zahar
– 1 plic praf de copt
– vanilie
– esenta de rom
– prune (pentru umplere)
– ulei de floarea soarelui pentru prajire

I’m sad these days because the beautiful summer days are gone by now. I don’t like cold weather and rainy days, autumn and winter make me feel that I’m living in numbness waiting for spring and summer to come. 
As every year, the only things that make me forget about those things are the colors of the autumn, the flavors and the tastes that it brings with it.
Everybody cooked by now the well known Romanian desserts gomboti cu prune/galuste cu prune.
Well, I’m not quite a fan of this recipe so I decided to bake some plum pockets. Here is what I used:
– 1 egg
– 400 ml of cold milk
– 700 g flour
– 100 g sugar
– 10 g of baking powder
– vanilla
– rum essence

– plums ( as a filling)
– sunflower oil (for frying)
Amestecam toate ingredientele pana cand obtinem o pasta elastica. Pasta elastica se imparte in doua si se intinde pe masa tapetata cu faina. Se coca se taie sub forma de dreptunghiuri. In fiecare dreptunghi se pune o jumatate de pruna si se impatura ca si un buzunarel.
Gogoselele se prajesc in baie de ulei pana cand devin aurii. Se servesc pudrate cu zahar sau simple.
We mix all the ingredients until we’ll obtain an elastic dough. The elastic dough will be divided in two. Each part will be stretched on the table (which was previously sprinkled with flour). The dough will be cut into small rectangles. In each of these rectangles we put a half of a plum and we fold the dough just like a little pocket.
The little pockets will be fried in sunflower oil until they will have the a gold color. We n serve them powdered with sugar or simple.

Aceste gogosele au fost un desert delicios pentru o dupa-amiaza insorita de toamna. Sper ca si voua va vor placea.
These plum pockets were a delicious dessert for a sunny autumn afternoon. I hope that you liked my recipe.

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