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Gem de capsuni si rubarba / Strawberries and rhubarb jam

Pe ultima suta de metri m-am gandit sa fac si eu gem de capsuni. Si cum am gasit si rubarba la un super pret, am zis sa le combin pentru ca le sta bine impreuna.
Capsunile au fost extraordinare. Mi le-a cumparat o prietena de undeva de la tara. Desi erau micute, au fost aromate si foarte dulci. Aveau gustul mai mult de fragute. Asa ca gemul a iesit de vis!
– 3 kg capsuni
– 1.2 kg rubarba
– 1.2 kg zahar
In the last minute I thought it was a good idea to do some strawberry jam. And as I found the rhubarb at a super price, I said to myself that it would be nice to combine them because they look so good together.
Strawberries have been extraordinary. A friend of mine bought them from somewhere in the countryside. Although they were small, were very sweet and flavorful. They tasted more like the woodland strawberries. So the jam is like a wonderful dream!

3 kg strawberries
1.2 kg rhubarb
1.2 kg of sugar

Am curatat capsunile de codite si le-am spalat cu multa apa. Apoi am curatat si rubarba si am taiat-o in bucatele potrivite.
Capsunile le-am pus intr-un bol mare si am adaugat 1 kg de zahar. Intr-un alt castron am pus rubarba pe care am acoperit-o cu 200 g de zahar. Le-am lasat asa cu zaharul pe ele cam o ora.
I chose the strawberries I washed them with plenty of water. Then I peeled the rhubarb and I cut it into medium pieces.
I put strawberries in a large bowl and I added 1 kg of sugar. In another bowl I put the rhubarb and I covered it with 200 grams of sugar. I left them with sugar on them for about an hour.

Dupa ce capsunile si rubarba au format impreuna cu zaharul sirop, le punem impreuna intr-un vas in care vom fierbe gemul.  
After the strawberries and rhubarb formed syrup with the sugar, put them together in a dish that in which we’ll boil the jam.

Vasul se pune la foc mic. Dupa un timp gemul va incepe sa fiarba si sa formeze spuma. Aceasta spuma se scoate cu ajutorul unei spumiere sau a unei linguri intr-un castronas. 
Intre timp pregatim borcanele. Le spalam si le lasam la uscat. Gemul se pune numai in borcane curate si uscate.   
Place the dish on the stove and boil at low heat. After a while the jam starts to boil and to form foam. This foam will be taken out with a spoon in a bowl.
Meanwhile, prepare the jars. Wash them and let them dry. Jam will be put only in clean and dry jars.

Cam dupa o ora si jumatate, gemul meu a scazut suficient de mult si s-a fiert. Asa ca am stins focul si l-am lasat un pic sa se racoreasca.  
After an hour and a half, my jam was low enough and it was boiled. So I stopped the fire and I left the jam to  cool off. 

  Am pus gemul in borcane dupa care le-am sterilizat in cuptor timp de 20 de minute, la foc mic.  
I put the jam in jars and after they were sterilized in the oven for 20 minutes at low heat. 

Gemul este minunat. E parfumat, dulce-acrisor, numai bun de intins pe o felie de paine prajita dimineata. 
Jam is awesome. It is flavored, sweet and sour, just perfect to put on a slice of toast in the morning.

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