Carne de porc/Pork

Cotlet de porc umplut / Filled pork fillet

Zilele acestea am foarte putin timp la dispozitie pentru a posta pe blog . Dar cum nu pot sta mult timp departe, azi mi-am facut un program pe care il respect cu strictete tocmai pentru a-mi face putin timp sa va povestesc despre o reteta simpla dar care da rezultate minunate: cotlet de porc umplut.

– 1.2 kg cotlet de porc
– 200 g ciuperci
– 50 g nuci
– 50 g muschi afumat
– 1/2 gogosar
– 1 mar
– 2 morcovi mici
– 1 ou
– condimente

These days I don’t have a lot of time to post on the blog. Because I can’t stay too much without writing something, today I made a program which is very precise only to gather some time to tell you some things about a simple but wonderful recipe: filled pork fillet.
– 1.2 kg pork fillet
– 200 g mushrooms
– 50 g walnuts
– 50 g  smoked pork fillet
– 1/2 red bell pepper
– 1 apple
– 2 little carrots
– 1 egg
– condiments

Se curata ciupercile, gogosarul, marul si se taie in bucatele mici. Se prepara umplutura intr-un bol din: ciuperci, nuci, muschi, mar, gogosar, ou, condimente.

We clean (and we peel off, take out the seeds where is needed) the mushrooms, bell pepper, apple and we cut them finely. After that, we prepare the filling into a bowl from: mushrooms, nuts, smoked fillet, apple, red bell pepper, egg and condiments.

Luam cotletul si il taiem cu un cutit bine ascutit in asa fel incat suprafata desfasurata a acestuia sa devina ca si o patura (rulata aceasta “patura” a redeveni de aceeasi forma ca si cea initiala a cotletului). Apoi se bate putin cu un ciocan pentru batut snitelele pentru a subtia putin stratul de carne. Astfel se va fierbe si se va rumeni mai bine.

We take the fillet and we cut it with a sharp knife. We must obtain a plane surface that will look just like a blanket (rolled this “blanket” will have the same form as the fillet had when we started to cut it). We will use a tenderising hammer to make the meat a little bit thinner. This way the meat will boil and roast better.

Morcovii se vor pune primii pentru a fi la interior. Apoi treptat adaugam restul umpluturii si rulam.

First we put the carrots because we want to have them in the middle. We will add the rest of the filling gradually and we roll.

La sfarsit vom prinde carnea cu scobitori pe toata lungimea. Aceasta parte a ruladei va fi cea pe care se asaza in vasul in care se va fierbe. Scobitorile se vor scoate atunci cand rulada este gata. Carnea nu se va desprinde.

In the end we will put some tooth-picks to keep the two parts of the meat roll together. This side will be the one that is below in the recipient used to boil the fillet. The tooth-picks will be taken out when the fillet is ready. Meat will remain rolled.

Cotletul se pune intr-un vas termorezistent cu capac si se pune apa (atat cat ne permite vasul). Eu am intors cotletul o singura data pentru a se fierbe uniform. Timpul total de fierbere in cuptor (temperatura medie) a fost cam de 3 ore din care 30 de minute fara capac (pentru a se rumeni).

The fillet will be put into a thermo resistant recipient with lid. We will add water (as much as the recipient permits). I turned over the fillet just once to be sure that is boiled evenly. I kept it in the oven (medium temperature) about 3 hours of which 30 minutes without lid (to roast it a little bit).

Cotletul va arata cam ca si in aceasta poza atunci cand va fi gata.

When the fillet is done it will look just like the one in this picture.
Pentru a putea fi taiat bine, fara a se desface, el trebuie sa fie rece. Se va servi caldut (incalzit la cuptor sau la cuptorul cu microunde), rece, cu sau fara garnitura.
The fillet will be easy to cut if it’s cold (it won’t split). You can serve it warm (warmed in the oven or in the microwave oven), cold, with or without side dish.

Pentru noi a fost o alternativa buna la deja obisnuita friptura. 🙂
For us it was a good alternative to common steak 🙂

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