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Ciorba de somon/Salmon soup

Nu stiu unde am trait in alta viata si nu stiu ce meserie am avut dar in mod sigur am locuit undeva langa mare. Nu gasesc alta explicatie pentru dragostea mea pentru tot ceea ce are legatura cu ea. Nu stiu sa inot si intru in panica atunci cand nu am picioarele pe fundul marii. Cu toate astea o ador.
Pestele se afla printre mancarurile de care nu m-as plictisi niciodata. Mi-as dori sa pot gati o varietate mult mai mare de preparate cu peste insa acest lucru e destul de greu. Nu locuiesc intr-o zona maritima si nici nu suntem atat de bine aprovizionati aici.
Dar uneori gasesc somon proaspat. Si atunci imi place sa pregatesc o ciorba delicioasa cu smantana si lapte.
I don’t know where I lived  in other life and I don’t know what job I had but certainly I lived somewhere near the sea. I can not find another explanation for my love for everything that has something to do with it. I can’t swim and I panic when my feet don’t touch the bottom of the sea. Yet I love the sea.
Fish are among the foods that I would never refuse. I wish I could cook a larger variety of dishes with fish but this is quite difficult. Do not live in a maritime area and we are not so well supplied here.
But sometimes I find fresh salmon. And then I like to prepare a delicious soup with cream and milk.

Iata ce ingrediente folosesc (pentru o oala de 3 litri):
– 300 g somon
– 1 ceapa
– 2 rosii
– 1 ardei kapia
– 1 pastarnac
– 2 morcovi
-100 g orez cu bob rotund
– 200 ml lapte
– 100 g smantana
– sare
– piper
– leustean
– otet (optional)
Here are the ingredients I used (for a 3-liter pot):
– 300 g salmon
– 1 onion
– 2 tomatoes
– 1 Kapia pepper
– 1 parsnip
– 2 carrots
– 100 g round grain rice
– 200 ml milk
– 100 g cream
– salt
– pepper
– lovage
– vinegar (optional)

Am spalat somonul si am indepartat cat am putut de mult din pielita neagra de pe interior. Apoi am fiert carnea 15-20 minute. Nu trebuie sa fiarba prea mult. Este ideal sa se desprinda de pe oase insa sa aiba o consistenta ferma.
In apa in care am fiert carnea am pus legumele taiate in cubulete si le-am fiert, nu inainte de a adauga sare si piper. Cand legumele sunt fierte pe jumatate se adauga orezul spalat bine.
Oala se ia de pe foc atunci cand legumele si orezul sunt fierte. Ciorba trebuie lasata cateva minute inainte de a adauga laptele si smantana. Zeama nu va fi omogena ca in cazul altor ciorbe cu smantana si nici acra asa cum ne-am astepta datorita laptelui.
In final se adauga carnea pe care am separat-o de oase.
Leusteanul se pune in farfurie in momentul servirii. Ciorba va avea un gust minunat!
 I have washed the salmon meat and I took away as much as black skin I could from the inside of fish. Then I boiled the meat for 15-20 minutes. Don’t boil too much. It is ideal to be easy to detach off the bones but to have a firm consistency.
In the water where I boiled the meat I put sliced ​​vegetables and I cooked them, not before adding salt and pepper. When vegetables are half cooked add the well washed rice.
Take the pot aside when the vegetables and rice are cooked. Soup should be left few minutes before adding the milk and cream. Juice is not homogeneous as in other soups with sour cream and not as sour as we expected because of milk.
Finally I add the meat, separated of bones.
Lovage is put on the plate when the soup is served. It will taste great!

Bon appétit!

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