Ciorbe si supe / Soups

Ciorba de fasole boabe cu afumatura in paine / Dry beans soup with smoked meat served in bread

Saptamana trecuta am trecut prin Sibiu, in drum spre Cluj. Mi-am adus aminte ce frumos a fost in 2007 cand l-am vizitat impreuna cu sotul si doi veri dragi.
Inevitabil mi-a fugit gandul la gustoasa ciorba de fasole servita intr-un restaurant din centru.
Asa ca mi-a venit ideea sa fac si eu o ciorba de fasole.

– 500 g carne de porc afumata
– 500 g fasole boabe
– 500 ml suc de rosii
– 1 ceapa
– 2 ardei grasi
– 2 gogosari
– 2 morcovi
– piper
– cimbru
– foi de dafin
– 1 lingura de otet
– sare

Last week we passed through Sibiu on our way to Cluj. I remembered what a wonderful time we had in 2007 when we visited Sibiu with my husband and to dear cousins. 
Inevitably my mind found a memory of a delicious dry beans soup that we served in a nice restaurant in the center of the city. So I decided to cook an old style dry beans soup with smoked meat.
– 500 g smoked pork meat
– 500 g dry beans
– 500 ml tomato juice
– 1 onion
– 2 green bell peppers
– 2 red bell peppers
– 2 carrots
– pepper
– savory
– bay leaves 
– 1 spoon of vinegar

– salt
Se pune carnea la fiert in cca 5 l de apa. Fasolea se lasa in acest timp intr-un vas cu apa.
Dupa ce carnea este fiarta se taie si se pune din nou la fiert impreuna cu fasolea. Se poate folosi aceeasi apa sau se poate schimba.
We put the meat to boil in about 5 l of water. The beans are put into a recipient with water and kept there until the meat is boiled. When the meat is boiled we take it out and we cut it in small slices. We put the meat and the beans back to boil. If you want you can use the same water or you can change it.

Pentru servire avem nevoie de o paine “inalta” care are coaja tare sau de ce nu, chiar numai de coaja tare. Eu am facut o coca de paine din 700 g faina, 400 ml apa, 10 g drojdie, sare. Dupa dospire, am impartit cantitatea in doua bucati urmand sa le coc pe fiecare. Am pus intr-o forma adanca si am copt-o.
For serving this soup we need a “tall” bread with hard crust or why not, only a tall hard crust. I made a bread dough out of 700 g flour, 400 ml water, 10 g yeast, salt. After the dough yeasted, I divided the dough in two. Each part will be baked separately. I put each part into a deep form for baking and I baked them.

Intre timp am pus legumele taiate marunt, sucul de rosii si condimentele in oala in care au fiert fasolea si carnea. Cand toate sunt fierte oala se ia de pe foc. Dupa ce se racoreste se pune in paine.
Meanwhile we put the small sliced vegetables, tomato juice and the condiments in the pot in which we boiled the meat and the beans. We let them boil together and when the soup is ready we take the pot away. After a while, the soup is cooler and we can put some in the bread.

Ciorba a fost foarte gustoasa iar painea in care am servit-o a fost si ea consumata. Imi fusese asa de dor de felul acesta de mancare!
The soup was so tasty and the bread was also eaten. I missed this dish so much!

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