Ciorbe si supe / Soups

Ciorba de curcan / Turkey soup

Iata ca a venit vremea sa ne punem hainuta noua, asa, ca pentru inceput de an. Si cum am terminat cu partea de “croitorie” cred ca e cazul sa intram inapoi in  bucatarie. 🙂
Sarbatorile au trecut si va trebui sa gatim feluri de mancare mai usoare. Nici eu nu fac exceptie. Asa ca azi am facut o ciorba de curcan cu zeama de varza.
– 1 kg carne de curcan cu os
– 4l apa
– 2l zeama de varza
– 3-4 morcovi
– 1 pastarnac
– 1 ardei
– 1 ceapa
– 150 g taietei de casa cu ou
– patrunjel

So it was the moment put new clothes to this blog, as we should do at year’s beginning. And I finished sewing, so it’s time to get back in the kitchen. 🙂
Winter Holidays ended so we suppose to cook light foods. I will make no exception. So to day I cooked a turkey soup with water in which we pickled cabbage (in Romanian we have few words to describe this “water” – I couldn’t find correspondents in English).
– 1 kg turkey meat with bone
– 4l water
– 2l water in which we pickled cabbage
– 3-4 carrots
– 1 parsnip
– 1 bell pepper
– 1onion
– 150 g homemade noodles with eggs
– parsley

Punem carnea in apa si o fierbem. Apoi se scoate pe o farfurie. Peste supa vom adauga zeama de varza si punem oala inapoi pe foc. Atentie! Daca zeama de varza este prea sarata sau prea acra puneti o cantitate mai mica si nu adaugati sare ciorbei.

We put the meat in water and we boil it. When is boiled, we will take it out on a plate. In the pot in which we boiled the meat we will add the water in which we pickled the cabbage and we put it back on the stove.

Pay attention! If the water from pickled cabbage is too salty or too sour reduce the quantity that you put in your soup. Also I don’t need to add salt to your soup.

Se curata si se taie legumele. Se pun in oala.
Eu am folosit ardei congelat. Pe acesta l-am adaugat fara a-l decongela.

You peel off and cut the vegetables. We will put them in the pot. 
I used frozen bell pepper. I put the bell pepper frozen in the pot.

Carnea se desprinde de pe oase si se taie bucati. Se adauga atunci cand legumele sunt fierte. Ea se va pune odata cu taieteii. Se mai fierb impreuna cu legumele pentru 3-4 minute. Daca depasiti acest timp, taieteii se vor inmuia si se vor umfla prea mult.
Se ia oala de pe foc. Atunci cand servim adaugam patrunjel proaspat taiat marunt.

We will detach the meat from the bone and we cut in small slices. We will add the meat when the vegetables are boiled. The meat will be added together with the noodles. We boil them with the vegetables for 3-4 minutes. If you surpass this period, noodles will become too temper and  too bloated.
We will take the pot aside. When we serve we will add fresh parsley, cut in small pieces.

Cum regimul alimentar incepem sa ni-l schimbam, tot ce mai trebuie este putina miscare. Astfel ne recapatam tonusul.  🙂
Sa avem o saptamana frumoasa si usoara!

Since we begun to change our diet, all we need is some activity or sports. This way we will gain back our vitality. 🙂

Have a wonderful and easy week!

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