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Cannelés cu scortisoara/Cannelés with cinnamon

Cannelés de Bordeaux se afla printre preferatele mele si ale unei bune prietene, motiv pentru care le-am refacut cu drag. De data aceasta cu scortisoara. Mi s-a parut o alegere buna pentru aceasta perioada. Si intr-adevar, caramelul care se formeaza dupa coacere si scortisoara se combina minunat. Mmm, trebuie neaparat incercate! Nu or fi ele aspectuoase dar am reusit sa conving destui sa treaca peste acest amanunt.
Cannelés de Bordeaux are among my favorites and also of one of my good friends, and that’s why I baked them with so much joy. This time with cinnamon. I thought it’s a good choice for this time of year. And surely the caramel which is formed after the baking and the cinnamon are wonderful combined in this dessert. Mmm, they have to be tried!They might not be beautiful but I managed to convince a lot of people to pass over this detail.


– 700 ml lapte
– baton de vanilie
– 50 g unt moale
– 200 g zahar
– 70 g faina
– 30 g scortisoara
– 1 galbenus de ou
– 3 oua mari
– unt pentru forme


– 700 ml milk
– vanilla stick 

– 50 g melted butter
– 200 g sugar
– 70 g flour

– 30 g cinnamon
– 1 egg yolk
– 3 big eggs
– butter for molds

 Intr-un bol se amesteca faina,scortisoara si ouale. Separat intr-o cratita se pun laptele, vanilia, untul si zaharul. Compozitia se amesteca si se pune la incalzit fara a se lasa la fiert. Ea trebuie sa fie calduta. Atentie – se amesteca in continuu.
Atunci cand compozitia s-a racit suficient (nu de tot) se adauga amestecul de oua cu faina si scortisoara si se amesteca bine. Odata omogenizata si racita, aceasta compozitie obtinuta va semana ca si consistenta cu acea compozitie de clatite.
Se acopera vasul si se baga in frigider. Se lasa cel putin 12 ore. Eu de obicei o las de pe o zi pe alta.
Apoi am pus cu ajutorul unui polonic in forme.
Cuptorul trebuie preincalzit la 200C-230C. Formele de silicon se pun in cuptor si se lasa cam 50-55 minute.
Cannelés  vor forma o crusta de caramel crocanta.
In a bowl we mix the eggs, cinnamon and flour.
Separately in a pot we will  put milk, vanilla, butter and sugar. The composition is mixed and put on the stove to warm without leaving it until it boils. It has to be warm. Pay attention – we have to mix continuously. 
When the composition is cold in off (not completely cold) we will add the mix of flour,cinnamon with eggs and we mix well. When the composition is homogeneous and completely cold, will look like the one made for pancakes. We will cover the pan and we’ll put it in the fridge.
We’ll leave it there for at least 12 hours. I usually leave it there until the next day.  After that I put the composition in the silicon molds with a ladle. The oven has to be preheated at 200C- 230C. Silicon molds will be put in the oven and left for 50-55 minutes. Cannelés will form a wonderful caramel crust.

Reteta originala o gasiti aici
You can find the original recipe here.

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