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Ardei umpluti cu varza la borcan / Canned cabbage stuffed bell peppers

Pentru ca inca mai avem timp sa punem conserve am sa postez zilele acestea cateva retete de sezon.
Si cum toata lumea cumpara muraturi din supermarket eu, mai cu mot cum sunt, m-am uitat, am analizat si mi-am zis in barba : “Eu le fac mai bune!”. Asa am decis eu si trebuie sa-mi sustin afirmatia.
Am mers la piata am cumparat tot ceea ce imi trebuia si m-am pus pe treaba.
Notati si voi ingredientele:
– 2 kg ardei gras
– 1.5 – 2 kg varza
– 3-4 linguri de zahar
– condimente pentru muraturi (coriandru, piper mozaic, ienibahar, boabe de mustar si frunze de dafin)
– 5-6 ardei iuti
– 400 ml otet din vin
– 150 g sare pentru muraturi
– 2 l de apa

Because we still have time to do some caning I will post these days some season recipes. 
Everyone is buying pickles from supermarkets, but I, being a special kind of person, I watched, I analyzed and I said to myself: “I make better pickles!”. That’s what I decided and I have to sustain my affirmation. 
I went to the market and I bought all that I needed and I put myself to work.
You should write down the ingredients:
– 2 kg bell peppers
– 1.5 – 2 kg cabbage
– 3-4 tablespoons of sugar
– condiments for pickles (coriander, mix of pepper, allspice, mustard beans, bay leaves)
– 5-6 chili peppers
– 400 ml of vinegar
– 150 g salt (in Romania we have salt for pickles)

– 2 l water

Ardeii se spala si se curata.
We wash the bell peppers and we take the seeds out of them.

Se taie varza marunt si se freaca cu sare (50 g) si zahar (20g). Apoi se umplu ardeii si se asaza in borcane. Pe fundul borcanului se vor pune condimentele. Tot acum se pun si ardeii iuti.

We cut the cabbage finely and we mix it with salt (50 g) and sugar (20 g). We stuff the peppers and we arrange them in the jar not before putting the condiments in it. Now you can put the chili peppers.  

Se pregateste saramura din otet, restul de sare (100 g), zahar (30 g), piper si apa. Se pun toate acestea intr-o cratita si se incalzesc aproape pana dau in clocot. Cu ajutorul unui polonic turnam foarte incet in borcane pentru ca acesta sa nu crape din cauza compozitiei fierbinti.
Se pun capacele si se lasa pana cand saramura se raceste si apoi se depoziteaza in camara.

We prepare the composition that will be put in jars. We will put the vinegar, the rest of salt (100 g), sugar (30 g), pepper and water into a pan and we will put it on the stove. When is getting closer to the boiling point we take the pan off the stove. This composition will be put in the jars very slowly with a ladle. The jars can easily break because of the hot composition.
We put the lids and we let the composition to cool off and after we will deposit the jars.
Nu-i asa ca nu-i greu? 🙂
Is not so hard isn’t it? 🙂

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