Ciorba de somon/Salmon soup

Nu stiu unde am trait in alta viata si nu stiu ce meserie am avut dar in mod sigur am locuit undeva langa mare. Nu gasesc alta explicatie pentru dragostea mea pentru tot ceea ce are legatura cu ea. Nu stiu sa inot si intru in panica atunci cand nu am picioarele pe fundul marii. Cu toate astea o ador.
Pestele se afla printre mancarurile de care nu m-as plictisi niciodata. Mi-as dori sa pot gati o varietate mult mai mare de preparate cu peste insa acest lucru e destul de greu. Nu locuiesc intr-o zona maritima si nici nu suntem atat de bine aprovizionati aici.
Dar uneori gasesc somon proaspat. Si atunci imi place sa pregatesc o ciorba delicioasa cu smantana si lapte.
I don’t know where I lived  in other life and I don’t know what job I had but certainly I lived somewhere near the sea. I can not find another explanation for my love for everything that has something to do with it. I can’t swim and I panic when my feet don’t touch the bottom of the sea. Yet I love the sea.
Fish are among the foods that I would never refuse. I wish I could cook a larger variety of dishes with fish but this is quite difficult. Do not live in a maritime area and we are not so well supplied here.
But sometimes I find fresh salmon. And then I like to prepare a delicious soup with cream and milk.

Iata ce ingrediente folosesc (pentru o oala de 3 litri):
– 300 g somon
– 1 ceapa
– 2 rosii
– 1 ardei kapia
– 1 pastarnac
– 2 morcovi
-100 g orez cu bob rotund
– 200 ml lapte
– 100 g smantana
– sare
– piper
– leustean
– otet (optional)
Here are the ingredients I used (for a 3-liter pot):
– 300 g salmon
– 1 onion
– 2 tomatoes
– 1 Kapia pepper
– 1 parsnip
– 2 carrots
– 100 g round grain rice
– 200 ml milk
– 100 g cream
– salt
– pepper
– lovage
– vinegar (optional)

Am spalat somonul si am indepartat cat am putut de mult din pielita neagra de pe interior. Apoi am fiert carnea 15-20 minute. Nu trebuie sa fiarba prea mult. Este ideal sa se desprinda de pe oase insa sa aiba o consistenta ferma.
In apa in care am fiert carnea am pus legumele taiate in cubulete si le-am fiert, nu inainte de a adauga sare si piper. Cand legumele sunt fierte pe jumatate se adauga orezul spalat bine.
Oala se ia de pe foc atunci cand legumele si orezul sunt fierte. Ciorba trebuie lasata cateva minute inainte de a adauga laptele si smantana. Zeama nu va fi omogena ca in cazul altor ciorbe cu smantana si nici acra asa cum ne-am astepta datorita laptelui.
In final se adauga carnea pe care am separat-o de oase.
Leusteanul se pune in farfurie in momentul servirii. Ciorba va avea un gust minunat!
 I have washed the salmon meat and I took away as much as black skin I could from the inside of fish. Then I boiled the meat for 15-20 minutes. Don’t boil too much. It is ideal to be easy to detach off the bones but to have a firm consistency.
In the water where I boiled the meat I put sliced ​​vegetables and I cooked them, not before adding salt and pepper. When vegetables are half cooked add the well washed rice.
Take the pot aside when the vegetables and rice are cooked. Soup should be left few minutes before adding the milk and cream. Juice is not homogeneous as in other soups with sour cream and not as sour as we expected because of milk.
Finally I add the meat, separated of bones.
Lovage is put on the plate when the soup is served. It will taste great!

Bon appétit!

Minitort cu cirese si capsuni/Cherry and strawberry minicake

Stiu ca multi dintre voi au alte lucruri de facut intr-un weekend asa frumos cum se anunta a fi acesta. Dar sunt si cativa care vor sa se odihneasca si sa petreaca mai mult timp cu familia, acasa.
Azi am sa va propun o reteta simpla, pe care o puteti face toti, in foarte putin timp. E pacat sa nu profitam de fructele minunate ce se gasesc in piata! Asa ca voi renunta in urmatoarea perioada la ciocolata, cremele cu ness sau nuci. Fructele sunt in voga in acest sezon!
Asadar notati de ce aveti nevoie:
– 10 albusuri
-8 galbenusuri
– 10 linguri de zahar
– 10 linguri de faina
– 10 g praf de copt
– 1 lingurita de ulei
– vanilie
– condimente pentru desert (amestec de cuisoare, scortisoara, nucsoara, pastai de vanilie)
– 250 g mascarpone
– 80 g zahar pudra
– vanilie
– 2 galbenusuri
– cirese si capsuni (sau orice alte fructe acrisoare, de sezon)
I know many of you have other things to do in a weekend that promises to be as beautiful as this. But there are some of us who want to rest and spend more time with family at home.
Today I will propose a simple recipe that you can do it all in very short time. It’s a shame not to take advantage of the wonderful fruits found in the market! So in the next period I will give up chocolate, cream with instant coffee or nuts. Fruits are in vogue this season!
So write down what you need:
– 10 egg whites
– 8 yolks
– 10 tablespoons of sugar
– 10 tablespoons of flour
– 10 g baking powder
– 1 teaspoon oil
– vanilla
– dessert spices (mixture of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla beans)
– 250 g mascarpone
– 80 g powdered sugar
– vanilla
– 2 egg yolks
– cherries and strawberries (or other seasonal fruits)

Pentru inceput am facut pandispanul. Desi reteta este clasica am sa va mai spun inca o data pasii. Poate sunt persoane care abia acum invata sa gateasca 🙂
First I made the sponge cake. Although the recipe is the clasical one, I will remind you the steps. Maybe there are persons who are still learning to cook 🙂

Se separa albusurile si se mixeaza pana cand obtinem o spuma destul de tare. Apoi se adauga zaharul si se mixeaza. Spuma trebuie sa nu se desprinda de pe paletele mixerului. Se adauga galbenusurile, vanilia, praful de copt, condimentele pentru desert dupa care se mixeaza 2-3 minute. In final se pune treptat faina si se mixeaza pana la omogenizare.

Separate egg whites and mix until you get a pretty hard foam. Then add sugar and mix. Foam should not detach from the mixer blades.
Add the egg yolks, vanilla, baking powder,  dessert spices and mix 2-3 minutes after that. Finally, put the flour and mix until the composition gets homogeneous. 

Blatul se pune intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie de copt si se pune in cuptorul preincalzit. Nu, nu stiu cate grade are pentru ca prietenul meu cel mai bun este in continuare cuptorul cel vechi, the classical one :).
Dupa vreo 15 minute in care blatul s-a copt la foc potrivit, scoatem tava si-l lasam sa se raceasca. Nu uitati sa incercati daca este copt cu o scobitoare (a se vedea aratoasele gauri in blatul meu).
Spongecake is put in a tray lined with baking paper and place in preheated oven. No, I do not know how many degrees there were there is because my best friend is still the old oven, the classical one :).
After about 15 minutes the spongecake was baked in a moderate heat, remove pan from oven and let it cool off. Be sure to try if it’s baked with a toothpick (see the nice holes in my spongecake).

Incepem sa facem crema. Se amesteca cele doua galbenusuri cu zaharul pudra. Apoi se pune vasul deasupra unei cratite cu apa clocotinda si se amesteca energic pana cand crema se ingroasa. Atentie mare ca nu cumva sa se prinda de vas!
Crema se lasa la racorit vreo 5-10 minute dupa care se mixeaza cu mascarpone si vanilie si se pune in frigider.
Start making the cream. Mix the two egg yolks with sugar powder. Then place the bowl over a pot of boiling water and stir vigorously until cream thickens. Pay attention – the cream can stick to bowl’s bottom!!
The cream is left to cool off for about 5-10 minutes and then mix it with mascarpone and vanilla and place it in the refrigerator.
Decupati blatul cu forme de dimensiuni diferite. Eu am decupat 2 cercuri – unul mai mare si unul mai mic.
Cut spongecake with shapes of different sizes. I cut two circles – one big and one little.

Si am inceput sa aranjez minitorturile. Am taiat fiecare cerc in doua.  Am pus un strat de crema, apoi capsuni, inca unul de crema si in final bucata de blat.
And I started to arrange the minicakes. I cut each circle in half. I put a layer of cream, then strawberries, cream and  in the end one last piece of spongecake.

Trebuie sa va dau un sfat. Daca va plac prajiturile foarte cremoase dublati cantitatea de crema. Eu am folosit o portie de crema si mi s-a parut suficient. Mi-au iesit 5 minitorturi iar din resturile de blat am preparat o alta reteta (in curand pe blog).
You have to give you an advice. If you like very creamy cakes, double the amount of cream. I used a portion of cream and it seemed enough. I had  5 minicakes and with the remaining dough I prepared another recipe (recipe will be found soon on the blog).
Pofta buna!
Bon appétit!

Sirop din conuri si muguri de pin/Pine buds and cones syrup

In zilele de vara nu as sta prea mult in bucatarie, la caldura. Cu toate astea cele mai bune fructe si legume le gasesc acum si sunt nevoita sa imi schimb de fiecare data planurile. Poate ca si voi faceti la fel si m-am gandit sa va impartasesc o reteta de sirop minunat de muguri si conuri de pin.
Eu am cumparat de la Olanesti, de la oamenii care vand produse traditionale in statiune. Daca nu gasiti de cumparat e o idee buna sa culegeti in drumetiile voastre de weekend.
Iata ce ingrediente va trebuie:
-1 kg conuri de pin
-500 g muguri de pin
– 2 kg de zahar
-2,5 l apa
In summer days I wouldn’t stay too long in the kitchen’s heat. Still the best fruits and vegetables are ripe now and I’m forced to change my plans every time. Maybe you do it too and I thought to share a wonderful recipe of syrup made of pine buds and young cones. I have bought some buds and cones from Olanesti (a spa town near us) from people that sell traditional products. If you don’t find to buy buds and cones maybe it’s a good idea to pick your own on your weekend hiking. 
Here are the ingredients you need: 
-1 kg of pine cones 
-500 g pine buds 
– 2 kg of sugar 
-2.5 liters of water

Conurile si mugurii de pin se spala sub jet de apa rece si se pun intr-un vas mare, metalic. Se pune apa astfel incat sa fie acoperiti. Vasul se acopera cu un capac si se pune la frigider timp de 2 zile.
In acest timp mugurii si conurile vor incepe sa se macereze, aroma devenind intensa.
Pine cones and buds are washed in cold water and placed in a metallic large bowl. Then put water so that all the buds and cones to be covered. Cover the bowl with a lid and place it in the refrigerator for 2 days. Meanwhile buds and cones begin to soak, the flavor becoming intense.

Dupa cele doua zile in care au stat la frigider in apa, conurile si mugurii se vor fierbe. Eu le-am fiert pana cand s-au inmuiat. Dupa ce mugurii, conurile si apa in care au fiert s-au racit, vasul se acopera si se pune din nou la frigider pentru inca o zi.
A doua zi strecuram mugurii si conurile si le aruncam iar zeama rezultata in urma fierberii se va fierbe din nou, de data aceasta cu zahar.
Zeama impreuna cu zaharul se fierbe pana cand devine vascoasa, siropul se leaga. Atentie – siropul trebuie sa fie mai subtire decat cel pentru dulceata.
Odata fiert siropul se pune in sticle curate, ce se inchid etans, si se sterilizeaza intr-un vas cu apa, la cuptor, 30 de minute, la foc mediu.
After two days in which they stayed in the fridge in water, cones and buds will be boiled. I’ve boiled them until they softened. After the buds, cones and water boiled cooled off, the dish will be covered and placed back in refrigerator for another day. The next day take out the buds and cones and throw them and resulting broth from boiling  will be boiled again, this time with sugar. Boil the broth with sugar until it becomes viscous, the syrup binds. Warning – the syrup should be thinner than the one used for jam. Once boiled, syrup is put into clean bottles that are threaded tightly and sterilized in a pot with water, in the oven, for 30 minutes over medium heat.

Serviti un pahar de sirop cu apa minerala rece, rece. Merge si o felie de lamaie daca aveti si poate putina rabdare ca siropul sa nu faca spuma cand puneti apa minerala! :))
Serve a glass of syrup with cold, cold sparkling water. It will be good if you had a slice of lemon also and a little patience when you put sparkling water so that the syrup not to form foam! :))

Placinta cu rubarba si capsuni/Rhubarb and strawberries pie

Iata-ne si in prima luna de vara. Dupa o lunga perioada in care ploile si frigul ne-au facut sa nu simtim adevarata frumusete a lunii mai iata ca luna iunie pare ca a venit cu soare si caldura.
Sunt putin dezamagita ca fructele inceputului de vara fie nu s-au copt inca fie sunt stricate de la atata umiditate. Am profitat de fructele pe care le-am gasit pe piata deoarece ciresele bunicii au facut mucegai in pom iar capsunile nu s-au copt 🙁
Am pregatit o placinta cu rubarba si capsuni absolut delicioasa. Anul trecut am pregatit placinta cu rubarba si banane; acum era momentul si pentru cea cu niste capsuni parfumate.
Here we are in the first month of summer. After a long period in which rain and cold made us not to feel the true beauty of May, the month of June seems to come with sun and heat. I’m a little disappointed that the fruits of the beginning of summer are not ripe yet or are so damaged from moisture and rain. I took advantage of the fruits that I found on the market because the cherry tree from my grandparents have mold and strawberries were not ripe 🙁 
I prepared an  absolutely delicious rhubarb and strawberry pie. Last year we prepared rhubarb pie and bananas, now it’s the time for one with some scented strawberries.

Ingrediente blat:
– 2 oua
-100 g zahar pudra
-200 g margarina sau 200 g unt
-faina cat cuprinde (cca 400-450g)
Ingrediente umplutura:
– 3 tulpini rubarba
-150 g capsuni
-50 g unt
-100 g zahar

Ingredients for dough: 
– 2 eggs 
-100 g powdered sugar 
-200 g margarine or butter 
-flour as much as is needed (about 400-450g) 
Ingredients for filling: 
– 3 stalks rhubarb 
-150 g strawberries 
-50 g butter 
-100 g sugar

Amestecam ouale impreuna cu margarina moale, zaharul pudra si vanilia. Apoi adaugam treptat faina pana cand obtinem o coca elastica insa nu prea tare. Eu am avut nevoie de 400g de faina.
Coca obtinuta se inveleste intr-o punga de plastic si se pune la frigider pentru 30-40 de minute.
Mix eggs with soft margarine, powdered sugar and vanilla. Then add the flour until you’ll get an elastic dough but not too hard. I needed about 400g of flour. The obtained dough is wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.

Tijele de rubarba se curata de primul strat fibros, se spala si se taie in cubulete mici.
Rhubarb will be peeled of the first fibrous layer, washed and cut into small cubes.

Cubuletele de rubarba se pun intr-o tigaie teflonata impreuna cu untul si se soteaza timp de 4-5 minute, la foc mic, amestecand usor. Inainte de a lua tigaia de pe foc se adauga zaharul si se amesteca bine timp de 1-2 minute. Se va forma un sos destul de gros in care bucatelele de rubarba vor ramane intregi.
Rhubarb cubes are put in a teflon pan with butter and tempered for 4-5 minutes over low heat, stirring gently. Before taking the pan off the heat add the sugar and stir well for 1-2 minutes. It will form a quite thick sauce in which the pieces of rhubarb will remain whole.

Coca se pune intr-o forma si se aranjeaza cu mana cat puteti de uniform. Nu va obositi sa o intindeti cu sucitorul pentru ca se va rupe. Dupa ce ati terminat de intins coca intepati-o din loc in loc cu o furculita.
The dough is put in a form and arranged as evenly as you can by hand. Do not bother stretching the dough with the rolling pin because it will tear apart. After you have finished arranging the dough prick it with a fork.

Taiati capsunile si puneti-le peste coca. Apoi se pune rubarba impreuna cu sosul format in tigaie. Daca doriti puteti pune la inceput numai capsunile si bagati placinta in cuptor. Dupa 10 minute scoateti placinta si adaugati rubarba si sosul. Eu am incercat ambele variante si nu e prea mare diferenta.
Placinta va fi gata in 30 de minute daca aveti un cuptor clasic, pe gaz, asa cum am eu. Se serveste calda sau rece, simpla sau cu inghetata de vanilie langa.
Slice strawberries and place them over the dough. Then put rhubarb from the pan with sauce​​. You can put in the beginning only strawberries and put pie in oven. After 10 minutes take it out and add rhubarb and sauce. I tried both variants and there’s not much difference.
Pie will be ready in 30 minutes if you have a traditional oven, with gas, as I have. Serve warm or cold, plain or with vanilla ice cream near it.

Pofta buna!
Bon appétit!