Ciorba de urzici / Nettles soup

Iata ca minivacanta s-a terminat. Sper ca ati petrecut bine si ca sunteti bine, sanatosi si voiosi!
Noi am avut niste zile minunate. Am vizitat familia, prietenii si ne-am bucurat de soare.
Probabil ca v-ati asteptat ca retetele de saptamana aceasta sa fie cele pregatite de Paste. Vor veni si ele. M-am gandit insa ca ar fi bine sa pun si reteta de ciorba de urzici pentru ca inca mai puteti sa le gatiti. Mai tarziu vor fi mult prea batrane pentru asta.
Iata de ce avem nevoie:
– 1 kg urzici
– 4 linguri de ulei
– 1 ceapa mare
– 2 morcovi
– 3 oua
– 500 ml lapte batut
– 3 catei de usturoi
– sare
So, the mini holiday just ended. I hope you spent good your holidays and that you’re ok, healthy and happy! 
We had a great days. We visited our family, our friends and we took a sunbath. 
Maybe you’re expecting to see this week the recipes that were cooked for Easter. They will come soon. I thought that it will be better to post my recipe of nettles soup while you still can cook them. Later they will be too old to be cooked.
Here are the ingredients:
– 1 kg nettles
– 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil
– 1 big onion
– 2 carrots
– 3 eggs
– 500 ml butter milk
– 3 cloves of garlic
– salt

Am curatat si am spalat urzicile. Intr-o oala am pus 4-5 l de apa si am pus-o pe foc. Am lasat-o pana cand aapa a dat in clocot. Apoi am pus urzicile si le-am oparit 5 minute.  Le-am scos si le-am pus intr-un bol.
Daca va plac taiate fin, acum este momentul sa le taiati. Eu le-am lasat asa cum erau.
I sorted the nettles and I washed them. In a pot I put 4-5 liters of water and I put it on the stove. I left it there until the water started to boil. After that I put the nettles and I scalded them for 5 minutes. I took them out of the pot, in a bowl.
If you like the nettles to be finely cut, now it’s the moment to cut them. I left them as they were.

Curatam, spalam si taiem ceapa si morcovii. Daca va este mai usor puteti sa le dati pe razatoare.
We peel off, wash and cut the onion and the carrots. If it’s easier for you, just grate them.

Am calit ceapa si morcovii 3-4 minute intr-o oala in care am pus uleiul.
I tempered the onion and carrots for 3-4 minutes in a pot in which I added the sunflower oil.

Am pus si urzicile si le-am mai calit inca 5 minute impreuna. Apoi am adaugat apa si sarea. Puteti pune cata apa vreti. Eu nu am pus multa apa. Imi place sa am multe zarzavaturi in farfurie.
I put the nettles and I tempered them with the other vegetables for 5 minutes. After that I added water and salt. You can add as much water as you want. I didn’t add too much water because I like to have many vegetables in my bowl.

Cand urzicile si legumele s-au fiert, am zdrobit usturoiul si l-am pus in ciorba. Am lasat 10 minute sa fiarba cu urzicile si apoi luam oala de pe foc.
When the nettles and vegetables were boiled, I smashed garlic cloves and I put them the soup. I left the soup to boil for other 10 minutes so the garlic could be boiled with the nettles and after that I took the pot aside.

Am amestecat ouale cu laptele batut si am turnat in oala cu ciorba de urzici amestecand usor. Si ca sa nu va intrebati daca oala trebuie sa fie pusa pe foc mentionez ca nu am pus-o inapoi.
I mixed the eggs with the butter milk and I put the composition in the nettles soup pot and I mixed a little bit with a spoon. In case you are wondering if I put the pot back on the stove, I must mention that I didn’t.

Daca vreti puteti adauga atunci cand serviti niste patrunjel.
Tare buna a mai iesit ciorba asta!
If you want you can add some parsley when you serve this soup.
It was so good this soup!

  1. Ce bine arata! ce as vrea sa am acces la niste urzici proaspete sa fac si eu 🙁

  2. Multumesc, Alina!
    Poate gasesti si tu o manuta de urzici intr-o padure. 🙂

  3. Wow. I just made nettle soup last weekend but not at all like yours. Must try out your recipe. love the addition of carrots in there, too. Great post!

  4. Hi, Jill!
    You should try it because it's very tasty.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. nu am apucat sa mananc niciodata dar cred ca are un gust delicios, poate apuc sa fac si eu sa vedem ce iese 🙂

  6. I am perpetually thought about this, appreciate it for putting up.

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