Briose cu nuca si Nesscafe/ Muffins with walnuts and Nesscafe

Azi m-am gandit sa va propun o reteta simpla si gustoasa. A inceput sa fie cald si nimeni nu mai are rabdare sa stea in bucatarie ore in sir.

De data asta nu am facut pentru noi ci pentru o ocazie speciala. Am ajutat o tanara  familie care ne este tare draga sa se pregateasca pentru nunta si implicit pentru a primi musafiri. Am ales briose pentru ca si ei sunt mari amatori de prajituri simple si cu gust minunat.

Ingrediente (pentru 36 bucati)

– 500 g faina pentru patiserie
– 300 ml lapte
– 8 oua
– 100 g unt
– 150 g zahar
– 1 pliculet de praf de copt
– 2 pliculete de Bourbon Vanilla
– 5 linguri Nesscafe
– 250g nuci macinate
– gem acrisor (eu am folosit gem de banane si caise)
– ciocolata pentru decor

Today I will propose you a simple and tasty recipe. Now we have hot days and nobody wants to stay in the kitchen for hours. 
This time I didn’t cook for us but for a special occasion. We helped a young family, a dearest family, to prepare for their wedding  and for all the people who came to this wedding. We chose muffins because they love simple but tasty cakes.
Ingredients (for 36 pcs)
– 500 g flour for patisserie
– 300 ml milk
– 8 eggs
– 100 g butter
– 150 g sugar
– 1 baking soda
– 2 pcs of Bourbon Vanilla
– 5 spoons of Nesscafe
– 250g cankered walnuts
– sour jam (I used banana-apricot jam)

– chocolate for decorations

Se bat spuma cele opt albusuri. Apoi se adauga galbenusurile, vanilia si in final faina.
We separated the  egg white and we mixed them with sugar. We obtained a foam just like the one for meringue. We added the egg yolks, vanilla and finally the flour.

Se pune si untul topit, laptele pe care l-am amestecat cu Nesscafe si nucile macinate.
Apoi se pun in tava cu ajutorul unei linguri. Gemul se adauga dupa prima lingura de compozitie dupa care se pune si a doua lingura.

We added the melted butter, the milk mixed with Nesscafe and the cranked walnuts. I put the composition in the baking tray with a spoon. I added the jam after the first spoon of composition and after that, the second.  

Iata si briosele pregatite sa fie trimise mirilor.

Here we have the muffins ready to be send to the newly weds.
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